The Help Center pages are inconsistent with regard to the dashes being used. Currently, you will find all three of those:

  • The hyphen-minus (-)
  • The en-dash (–)
  • The em-dash (—)

Let's look at these examples:

Please make this consistent:

  • Do not use the hyphen here, as it should only be used in compound words or word division.
  • Use either the en- or em-dash in all occurrences.

While you're at it, the What are tags page mentions:

Replace spaces with dashes (-) …

But this is not a dash—it's a hyphen-minus. If I enter a tag with an en-dash, e.g. [testing–tag], the tag gets split at the dash.

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I've fixed the pages you used as examples and will go through the rest of the pages shortly.


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