Filters make it easy to keep track of new questions within favorite tags. However, they do not offer a way to follow new answers. I suggest adding a tab for them:

new answers


  1. The activity tab is a poor way to track new answers. It contains edited questions, new questions, and even questions bumped by Community. Most importantly, what it shows -- the beginning of text and its author -- pertains to a question, not to an answer. This is not a list of answers.

  2. Following new answers within one's tags of expertise is the best way I know to refute misguided answers before they get accepted by the clueless OP. (In more abstract subjects like Math it's easy to be fooled by a wrong answer.) The site should make it easy for experts to correct such situations.

  3. While it is easy to search for is:answer [tag1] or [tag2], the search becomes awkward with a large number of tags. The search box is limited to 240 characters, which is enough for 6-8 tags in practice. With 52 favorite tags, I had to create a 1597-character search URL in a text editor.

This one:


It works. But I'm not sure that experts on Christianity or Cooking would find this way to interact with the site easy and intuitive. Having it built in a filter, which already syncs with the user's favorite tags, would make this functionality more accessible.

  • 1
    Have no fear: it is just as easy to be fooled by a wrong answer in the less-abstract subjects, too.
    – Cody Gray
    Jul 24, 2013 at 5:54
  • @CodyGray I meant there's less experimental evidence to go by in math... there's no "but your solution doesn't even compile".
    – 40 votes
    Jul 24, 2013 at 6:17


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