I recently got logged out of chat somehow, and now I am locked out.

When I try to log into my chat.stackexchange.com account it asks me to log in. On the global chat login page, it says, "If automatic login fails, please visit the GlobalAuth test & help page to check for common problems." I visit that page and it says that everything is fine. It suggests that I log out of my main account, which I do, and that I remove all my stackexchange.com cookies, which I do.

I can log into my math.stackexchange.com account, and my stackexchage.com account, but going to a chat site still asks me to log in and fails.

I am running Firefox 16.0.1 and MacOS X 10.5.8 and use a Google OpenID. This has all worked before.

Note: I can log into my chat.meta.stackexchange.com account.

  • @MadaraUchiha: Okay, so I added a StackExchange.com account to my logins and I can get back onto chat. Thanks.
    – robjohn
    Commented Jul 27, 2013 at 21:00


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