This was recently asked on Super User: https://superuser.com/questions/32936/how-much-traffic-is-needed-to-earn-1-in-google-adsense-closed

This was another similar question: https://superuser.com/questions/19260/how-many-hits-per-day-to-generate-revenue-via-adsense-closed

This would include AdSense and related advertising questions. Am I correct that these type of questions are not allowed on any of the sites? I just want to make sure I am flagging and voting to close these questions for the right reasons.

Note: The questions above have now been deleted, but you can see the titles of the questions, which gives the scope of the question.

  • Note: those two questions have since been deleted. – Brad Gilbert Sep 1 '09 at 19:02

The confirmed policy as supported by the moderators and the Super User Team:

Advertising questions regarding AdSense and profiting from a website is not allowed on Super User

This is not computer software or hardware related, and a marketing exercise. These questions will be closed and deleted without warning and explanation.

Thank you. There is nothing more to see here. Move along now.

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I cannot think of any of our sites where this is appropriate.

From the FAQ:

If your question is about:

  • networking, servers, or maintaining other people's PCs and contains no source code, ask on Server Fault.
  • general computer software or hardware troubleshooting, ask on Super User.
  • web design and HTML/CSS layout, and your job title is "designer", ask on Doctype.

I do not see how adsense would fall into any of these territories. They should really be asked on Google's discussion groups.

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This isn't an exact dupe but it is related enough that there might be some useful information for you here:

What about something similar to StackOverflow for webmasters?

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I agree, it seems to me that fits on a site for people who manage websites, which does not currently exist in the LOJ.

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Allowing these questions would open the door to any number of business-related questions. Strictly speaking, these are not of any sort of technical nature.

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We definitely do not want to allow any questions on advertising networks, making money online, or blogging-related stuff on Super User.

I've been closing and quickly deleting them =)

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