When we handle flags through 10K tools we get 50 random posts in the flags tab via https://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged and at the bottom we have a link which loads 50 more random posts which redirects to the same page (in other words it just refreshes the page). That is fine.

Now if we select a specific type of flags. E.g. 67 X not an answer. it will redirect us to https://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged?flagtype=answernotananswer which also loads 50 random posts and at the bottom of page it says:

Showing 50 random posts; get 50 more

But you can see that 50 more link redirects us to https://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged which should be https://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged?flagtype=answernotananswer IMO. Because I am on specific flag type page.

PS: I just earned that privilege few days ago. So not sure whether it's a bug or by design. In Meta we rarely get few flags so I don't have experience here.



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