I recently started looking for a job on Careers.

One thing that struck me is the lack of feedback you could have from some application. I don't really expect to have a full feedback on Careers (I mean their opinion on you and so on), but the least I expect is some kind of message that would let me know when a job offer is closed/expired/withdrawn from the board.

The fact that I have to check my job applications, click on the job application and end up on the "Sorry job not found" page seems a bit weird.

I wouldn't mind if there was more feedback on application (not interested, position already taken, etc.), but the one on the closed things seems the easier to implement and the less demanding from employers.


This is a good feature request. Getting some sort of notification when a job you applied to expires on our site, and you haven't heard back from the company, is definitely something we want to do. We'll put it in our schedule.

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