I want to retag some questions that have numpy but not python tags.

I want that:


works, then I tried to change the and by no or not without succcess:


it makes a group adding the questions with a no/not tag.

Is it possible to search with NO/NOT?

  • However why - if it has the numpy tagI think that is sufficient as will refer to a particular library which only works under python and for which general python users can't help. If you are going to read the question and only tag those which are python questions and not dependent on numpy and so need the numpy tag removed then I can see the point.
    – mmmmmm
    Commented Aug 13, 2013 at 11:02
  • I did not mean that all the numpy should be tagged as python, it is just a search query to find the possible candidates... Commented Aug 13, 2013 at 11:28

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The - operator in search will do what you want.

So the search would be

[numpy] -[python]

However, this will only filer posts without the tag. You might want to add a wildcard to filter out other variants like and similar version specific variants. The wildcard is a * and can be used like:

[numpy] -[python*]

The search URL with the wildcard is:

Before embarking on a mass retagging spree, keep in mind that edits that do not fix the entire post are strongly discouraged. If you want to add the tag, go for it, but please make sure there are no other problems (spelling, capitalization, grammar, code formatting) before submitting the edit.

  • great point adding the *! Commented Aug 13, 2013 at 9:51
  • Note that the [python*] wildcard is, somewhat non-intuitively, expanded to exclude the tag [subprocess] in the URL because it is a synonym of [python-subprocess-module].
    – Air
    Commented Sep 30, 2014 at 15:23

Use the - like this:

[numpy] -[python]

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