My MyOpenID login is working right in Ask Ubuntu, but I can't log in to Stack Overflow or Meta Stack Overflow using MyOpenID, Google nor Stack Exchange. The only page I see is the "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" one.

If I try to create an new Stack Exchange account using my email, it says this email is already registered. If I try to recover my account, it says:

Someone requested an account recovery on Stack Overflow for [email protected], but we don’t have an account on this site that matches this email address.

But you have an account on these other sites:

Stack Overflow

Ask Ubuntu

It makes no sense.

I've already tried to change browser and turn on cookies, as said here: Can't log in with my OpenID - Troubleshooting Tips But my MyOpenID is working in Ask Ubuntu.

My user is: https://stackexchange.com/users/1474753/yuric

  • Strange... Magically now I'm able to login with MyOpenID and with Stack Exchange account to Meta StackoverFlow. But not to StackoverFlow ("Oops! Something Bad Happened!" page, as usual)... Unfortunately, I can't figure out why this is working out now. I'm using one of the same browsers I've used before for testing...
    – yuric
    Aug 15, 2013 at 2:41
  • Hmm. I didn't know this. Thanks. Anyway, I still can't login to StackOverflow using my StackExchange account, nor using my Google account. But it works when logging in to Meta StackOverflow and AskUbuntu...
    – yuric
    Aug 15, 2013 at 2:58

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Finally I'm logged in! Well, the solution came from something I've already tested: enabling cookies! (Can't log in with my OpenID - Troubleshooting Tips). In fact, the first time I tried it I had set a permission to stackoverflow.com to create cookies. But it was useless, because my default configuration is to let sites define cookies. But I set cookies to be delete every time Firefox closes and do not allow third-party cookies.

The different steps I took:

  • Cleaned Firefox's last hour cookies, cache, offline sites data and sites preferences.

  • I've set my Firefox browser to allow third-party cookies.

  • And I've restarted Firefox (But I don't know if this is strictly needed or not).

Since I could log in for the first time, I'm now able to login even if not allowing third-party cookies.

It was hard to imagine this error from a "Ooops" message... And I still can't figure out why it worked firstly for Meta Stack Overflow... It is fixed, anyway. Thanks you all.

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