I notice that when I review a post in the close-vote review queue that has been voted as off-topic, I only see at the top that the post was off-topic. I have no idea of finding out why it is off-topic unless I click "close", then select "off-topic" as the reason, then see which reasons have the blue marker that indicates other people voted like that. So I requested that instead of a generic message like "This question is off-topic", to see a message such as "Questions require valid code to reproduce the problem".


I believe you should be reading the question and deciding why you believe the question should be closed before clicking the "Close" link, without taking into consideration with what other people think.

To show why a question is up for closure on the page would likely cause people to see it and just vote on the same thing because "everyone else is doing it." To close a question, each person who reviews it should be thinking critically about why the question needs work, why it doesn't fit our Q&A format, or why it is just plain bad. Or better yet, helping to improve it with comments!

Regardless, 5 close votes of any type closes it, so your reasoning doesn't need to match everyone else's if you do decide it is worth closing.

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    I generally try to make up my mind on my own before I vote to close. But once I've done that, I do take into consideration how others have voted. I do agree, however, that this information does not need to be displayed in the review queue directly.
    – user102937
    Aug 16 '13 at 3:34
  • Exactly, if it's displayed, then it's easy to just follow the flock. It's still available, you just have to click for it. I believe that deterrent is sufficient. Aug 16 '13 at 3:35

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