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I've been trying to use markdown in comments and they never come out right.

When starting a thread, the system show what the markdown will eventually produce before you submit it. That's great. Responding by adding a comment has no such preview facility and every time I hit the enter key to get to a new line (force of habit) it uploads an unfinished comment. That's rude.

I'd like to have a practice thread where anyone can just add comments. Is that asking too much?

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The Formatting Sandbox sounds like what you’re looking for.

Note that:

  • You can’t use newlines or paragraphs in comments anyways
  • Comments use a sparser Markdown syntax:
    • ` delimits code; if you need to use exactly one backslash, surround it with multiple backticks
    • Bold and italic work as usual
    • Links have to use the [Link](http://example.com "Optional title") syntax in comments
    • There are some link shortcuts. A few examples are:
      • [tag:whatever] and [meta-tag:whatever]
      • [help]
      • [so], [meta], [main], [somesiteshortname.se]
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