I am looking for the best questions that have both the tags and .

I get back a list of questions sorted by votes. Why wasn't this question returned to me, this was the one I was looking for and I could not find it. Why didn't it appear? Is it because it is a Wiki? If so, how am I supposed to find it?

EDIT: The reason this bothers me slightly is because this question is actually linked to on the PHP wiki in the IDE section. Reading it once and then looking for it on SO and not finding it is quite disconcerting! If it is considered a useless question, why is it linked?

  • @Mat thanks, exactly what i needed. Is there no way to find them except by search then? – youngcouple10 Aug 20 '13 at 18:47
  • Mark the ones you like as favorites, or use your browser's bookmarks. Only directed searches will work for finding them. – Mat Aug 20 '13 at 18:49

Why not search for the tags and the word "best": [php] [ide] best

And it's the top result!

Also "best ide for php" gives this post top in Google, and has the benefit of keeping a cached result (or finding the result elsewhere)... should this question eventually get deleted.

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