100% reproducible.

Reloading a feed or a search result without a connection gives a proper error message. Questions and answers just crash.

This happens both when you use the pull down to refresh feature, and when you rotate the app.


As of v1.0.82 (beta)or somewhere before that, it has been fixed:

  • Reloading the Q&A thread without a connection doesn't make the app crash, and now gives a proper error message "Loading the question failed." with Cancel and Retry options.

    Note: dismissing the dialog (by pressing Cancel or Back buttons) will return to previous screen (e.g. question list, feed, etc), while pressing Retry will try to reload the thread. (There's no way to dismiss the dialog only and return to the thread without internet connection at the moment)

    loading the question failed.

  • Rotating the app also doesn't make it crash. It will display the thread without trying to reload it (no error dialog).

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