I created a Stack Overflow account and then at some point I logged in with Facebook so my real name was linked to my Stack Overflow account.

At the beginning I didn't mind but now I realise that my competitors might be checking the questions I make and I don't want that for several reasons.

I was able to post with the original nickname that I used to create the account but if you Google my name this account will appear. Is there a way to unlink my name for good from this account?


You can change your display name trivially simply by editing your profile. It is your display-name that is shown on posts, comments, etc. Just click "edit" on your profile (towards the top of the page).

What we can't do is erase the internet's history (including google's index, etc) that you used a different display name at some point, nor can we erase the fact that there are public data dumps that will use the old name. The internet doesn't have a "delete" button.

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