A few days ago, someone posted a question about updating dataset. After some questions/comments to his question, it didn't receive answers (and no up/down vote).

1 or 2 days later, the user posted the same question (he just reformulated the question, posted less code and with bad formatting, the code doesn't compile due to missing ' for comments), so it would be harder to get answer for this question . The question received a +1. Va comprendre Charles

I flagged this question as a duplicate of the previous and asked user to edit the previous instead of creating a new one, but he deleted the previous.

I do not blame the asker, I understand he wanted to keep it's 5 points rep :) And it seems he solved his problem later.

But now the flag is marked with eventinvalidated because it is impossible now to accept or reject it?

Since my flag is no longer appropriate, I am just curious about what could happen to this flag?



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