1. Add Padding to the code inside webview.
  2. Clicking code in a post n times brings the popup window n times. This might be a reason for this crash. Because the code is being read line by line & printed, crash could be reproducible with big code.
  3. Trying to scroll to answer tab brings notifications, I always scroll from the right-most to scroll to right and vice-versa. Not sure how many users scroll in the centre.
  4. Clickable Tags as in SO.
  5. AutoSuggest Tags instead of throwing error while trying to post.
  6. Remove Junk characters at the bottom of help:
  7. Change "help" to about or info in menu. This page doesn't really help, it's info about the app.
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    Great bug reports - keep them coming. I've fixed #2 but won't mark this completed until we've addressed all of these issues. Commented Sep 4, 2013 at 23:38

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Work in progress:

  1. – this and some other CSS improvements for questions and answers are in 0.1.27
  2. in 0.1.23
  3. in 0.1.24
  4. – tags are now clickable on the post
  5. duplicate of Make tag selection more seamless and less error-prone on Android app
  6. in 0.1.27 – we were reading past the end of a stream there
  7. – changed to "about"

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