I got a notification from Careers 2.0 today. Clicking on the notification opened the app, and was promptly followed by a crash.

Now, I know that Careers is probably not a priority for the app, (is it?) so, either notifications from careers should not be shown in the app inbox, or they should directly open up the browser.

Version: 0.1.26

UPDATE: It seems to have been resolved in 0.1.27 as the notification now opens up in a browser window.


This was fixed in version 0.1.27, as you noticed :) Thanks!

  • Version .27 is highly unstable. Its crashing almost randomly and very frequently. I am getting a crash every 2-3 minutes. It seems to happen whenever the app is loading anything at all and the connection is lost for a few seconds (not sure about this though).
    – asheeshr
    Sep 10 '13 at 14:26

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