On http://stackexchange.com/filters, I have my favorite tags filter. I setup email notifications for it and now I'm thinking I overdid it on the frequency.

Trying to change the settings, I clicked on the edit link in the email notifications box to the right, except nothing happens. There are no JavaScript errors and the HTML for the link is simply <a class="edit">edit</a>.

This seems like unfinished planned feature.

Update: Using Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m Same on Firefox 23.0.1


Both edit links are not working.

Further Update Events capture: enter image description here

Update 2014-02-03: Here's what the subscription tab in the network profile looks like. enter image description here


Fixed this a couple days ago. You can now edit existing subscriptions to My Sites and Favorite Tags filters, as well as unsubscribe from emails for those filters.

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