The feature tab in main page on mouse hover shows as below.

enter image description here

<a href="?tab=featured" title="Looking for more featured questions? Browse the &lt;a href=&amp;quot;/questions?sort=featured&amp;quot;&gt;complete list&lt;/a&gt;.">featured</a>

However, you can see there is un-required link reference to feature-tab. Instead it should be as simple as Looking for more featured questions? Browse the complete list. without link ref*

Or like in question/feature tab hover Questions with open bounties.

Note:- Link provided in tooltip is completely useless there and serves no purpose..


Some copy-pasta error during localization (hey animuson, you were right!).

The wrong description for this tab was used. Whoops.

Fixed in the next build.

Thanks for noticing and reporting!

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