I have read previous questions about the message being self-sufficient... but it really isn't. Even moderators are in the dark, and the message given reads like a generic error.

Suggestion: Add a link to some help section stating

Why are Accounts are temporarily unavailable?

There is a known outage occurring currently, the account list will be available soon.

Or something to the sorts.

Power-down of our Oregon data center is starting, if you see any issues we actually appreciate you yelling at us :)


  • I was just confused by this. For a second I thought someone had got a stack exchange wide ban – Richard Tingle Sep 16 '13 at 17:32

It's a very rare temporary occurrence, we don't feel that additional explanation is really necessary since things will be back to normal shortly after seeing it.

The import of Social Sound Design from SE 1.0 necessitates a network aggregate level backfill which was just run for the users portion, given it was the last SE 1.0 site...I don't think that reason will come up again :)

Also just for clarification: that tweet was mostly unrelated, we just opted to do the user backfill at the network level before pulling the Oregon SQL servers offline (due to the massive log generation a backfill causes, that would pend on the NYC disks until Oregon replicas could absorb it).

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