and are synonyms. However:

  • java-7 tag page says that is going to be remapped to (it looks like it is already the case)
  • java-8 and jdk8 are not synonyms (yet)

I suppose the / case could be made clearer and it would make sense to apply the same logic to /.

ps: I have created a synonym request for java-8.


What's confusing about it? That line describes what will happen if you try to enter the following tags. If you try to enter or , it will be remapped to the tag. The same exact line appears for every tag that has any synonyms attached to it (see the Java synonyms page).

I've gone ahead and approved the synonym.

  • Oh... I thought it was saying that, at a later date, one tag will be remapped to the other. My mistake then. Thanks for the java-8 part.
    – assylias
    Sep 16 '13 at 18:38

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