I just asked this question and some of the answers I received were quite interesting.

For those of you interested here is the question.

Now the generally feeling got from this question which asks is it wrong to link to things that I have done outside the site (screencasts) in this case that a topical and on point with the question being asked.

The answers and comments I got were

I am talking about observed behavior. Some people don't care if it is topical and relevant (and fully disclosed). They just flag as spam

In general - you should be wary of self promotion on Stack Overflow - with relevance and self disclosure, as there are part of the community that frown on any kind of self promotion, even such that is actually helpful and relevant

Then I posed the following questions.

It may be self promotion, but if its topical and relevant to the question being asked why would they frown upon it, because my motivation might be slightly more motivated than boosting a reputation number?

and most of all.

Is that something we want to continue as a community; limiting a better answered question so stifle self promotion? Is this a good practice? What can we do about this perception?

I would be really interested in people thoughts.


The general guidelines for self-promotion are:

  1. If your main purpose in using Stack Overflow is to promote your own materials, rather than to ask/answer questions, you shouldn't be doing this.
  2. You must always disclose your affiliation with the promoted materials clearly within the text of the question/answer.
  3. If the self-promotion is directly relevant to the answer, does help the OP accomplish their task, is rarely what you point to, and you have a body of other high-quality answers not relating to your self-promotion, then it's probably okay.

So ask yourself these questions and then determine what applies to you in this case!

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