The UI for closing and flagging questions needs to improve. Right now, if you're doing 50 close votes reviews per day, these faults in the UI will slow you down/irritate you mildly:

Clicking the labels
The action element labels are inline. Only their text descendants are clickable.

showing where the labels currently flow Inline elements are shy

If the labels were block elements, one could click the label block instead.

illustration of where how the labels could flow, were they block elements Block elements invading the space they need

Add cursor: pointer; for bonus points.

Adding insult (I kid) to injury, the action description, .action-desc has margin. Margins are not clickable, whereas padding would be perfectly acceptable and make it more clickable.

No feedback on label hover

The fix is real easy, just call your favourite designer and do something like this:

.action-list label:hover { background: peanut-butter; }

Confusing dialog header

The dialog header (Closing -> Off-topic) is also serving as breadcrumb. Pick one, please. Or, leave the header alone and feature a permanent breadcrumb.

Where is the action button?

Move "Vote to close" action button so it is aligned with the radio elements. This is just, like, my opinion.

Other than that, it's very rewarding to review stuff.

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