On the Android app sandbox post, one of the comments (I can't tell what the composition is) covers up the top tabs until they are redrawn. A screenshot is below. enter image description here

  • Hehehe, all part of my diabolical scheme.... But seriously, I only didn't post this myself because SE's position on weird Unicode has always seemed to be "Yeah, maybe we'll get to that. Someday." I agree with them, it's not really something to worry about. If it hurts when you do that - don't do that – Hod - Monica's Army Sep 24 '13 at 1:12
  • 3
    That's just Zalgo. Don't worry about it. Or look dir͢e҉c̢t͢l̴y ą̷̵̙̩t̵̠̰ͅ i͛͐͆͛͌̓ͧ̆ͫ̍̉ͩͫͪ̓̈͆͛҉̧̝̣͔ͅt͌̌̐̓̑ͪͣ̂͐͛ͭ̔̚͡͏̡̗̻̼͓́͜. – user1228 Sep 24 '13 at 13:52

In addition to the Q&A page renewal on v1.0.50 (removing Q&A tabs, making it into single thread), as of v1.0.82 (beta)or somewhere before that, it has been fixed: the rendered content is limited to the container (e.g. post, comment) size.

zalgo doesn't overflow

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