Here's a URL:


On my screen (Chrome browser, Mac OS X, up to date), it reads this way, both in the live preview and once actually posted:


If you look at the source of what I've posted, each line above which contains a link is the same except that the second prepends the following: .htm"> - that is, I have literally added this "garbage" to the front on the second example, but on my screen both lines look the same once previewed or posted--apart from the fact that only the second one (which is written "stupidly" to demonstrate the problem) is actually clickable--the first link is not clickable.

If I have to include a question here, it would be: does this reproduce for others? How can we fix it?

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As a work around, you can use either the full form or footnote styles of anchors:



Either of them will render correctly.

Footnote style:




You can also use the formal Markdown syntax for specifying a bare link, or escape one of the underscores:



Formal bare link style:


Escaped underscore:


  • Thanks @Tim - didn't even occur to me. – Oded Sep 27 '13 at 14:50

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