StackExchange profile page has an option of showing the top posts(ie, with score of 5+).

In my profile page, it doesn't show all my top questions.

This meta question is missing.

What's the reason for that?

I've also tested it by logging out, but does the same.

I thought it may be caching, so I waited for 2 days. The question is not there.

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    Closed questions don't show up on the top questions of your Stack Exchange profile. – Antony Sep 30 '13 at 6:49
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    On the contrary, it seems as though answers to closed questions show up.. my top answer belonged to a question that was closed as a duplicate, and it is displayed. See here – Josh Crozier Sep 30 '13 at 6:53

I can't see some more questions with score of 5 and above in my SE profile.

All of them are closed questions.

But, I can see the answer to the closed question in the top answers list.

So, it is clear that the closed questions won't be appear in the top questions list in StackExchange profile, but the answers to those questions will be listed if they have the score of 5 or above.

Thanks for the info @Antony, @JoshC

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