I've selected around 25 favorite tags on Stack Overflow. I would like to get a list of the most up-voted questions, sorted by the number of up-votes, that have been submitted in the last 24 hours and that contain one or more of my favorite tags.

Does Stack Overflow offer this functionality?

Why I want this: I'm running a digest (about web development) and I would like to include interesting questions in this digest. My job is very time consuming, so I don't have much time to search for interesting content on Stack Overflow. A "top questions in the last 24h" would help me out here.

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Yes, actually, although you'll have to be a bit deliberate about defining the timeframe.

You can combine the intags:mine, is:question, and created:<date> operators along with a sort by votes to produce the relevant list of questions. The caveat is that you'd have to adjust the date each day, and the time frame is date-based instead of timeframe-based*, but it should work generally well for the purposes you're describing.

*This might make an interesting feature request, to allow a negative value in the form of "hours ago"


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