In short, I would like to not see any questions, except those also tagged with .

I currently ignore and hide the tag, and I've favourited the tag.

But this is insufficient for my requirements, as questions are also hidden.

Can we make the favourited / ignored tag system a bit more advanced?

Say, for example, allow me to specify priority (so a favourite will outweigh a lower priority ignore). On an implementation level, just having a few buckets would be sufficient - favourite priority 1, ignore priority 2, favourite priority 3, ignore priority 4, favourite priority 5, ignore priority 6 (or maybe just 4 buckets) (each bucket can have any number of tags).

Note: Feel free to read "" as (insert tag you don't care for here) and "" as (insert tag that's awesomeness outweighs your lack of care for aforementioned tag).

Related question, although that just wants to switch how it works / discuss it, which is not really the same as this.


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