Careers 2.0 usually shows me jobs where I'm physically located. I'd like it to show jobs where my careers.stackoverflow.com account says I'm "Willing to relocate", because, um, that's where I'd like to consider relocating.

I'd like it to show those areas because then I'd actually click through. I know the lay of the land in my local area fairly well.

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I like this idea but there's something to consider first. "Willing to relocate" means that if you have to move somewhere or if you were to choose a place to move to, that would be the place. It doesn't necessary mean that you want to move there for a job. I think most prefer to stay where they are if they can locate a job in their current area.

I purpose that it's made a setting that you can edit where you can choose to display jobs that are:

  • currently where you are
  • where you would like to relocate
  • currently where you are and where you would like to relocate

By default, it should be your current location.

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  • Why not by default some weighted version of #3? Maybe even based on the current location's pop density (which isn't that hard to link in). That is, it's probably more difficult to know the local opportunities in San Fran than in Elbownia, SC. – ruffin Oct 5 '13 at 16:10

As Will Cole said back in January, this is a planned feature, and believe me, it's one we talk about often, and one I have a personal interest in improving.

I had been thinking for a couple years about moving from Boise, Idaho to New York City. When I decided to try to make that happen last spring, I joined Careers and marked myself as willing to relocate to NYC, only to be disappointed by the ad algorithm always suggesting to me jobs by the same company in Boise who, while they may be a great company, I had no interest in applying to.

However, I did end up finding a job on Careers (in more ways than one, you might say), and one of my first suggestions/complaints was exactly what you are requesting.

So why hasn't it been done yet?

Without going into too much detail, our existing ad infrastructure has a lot of limitations when it comes to customization. We could improve the results for some people, but it might come at the cost of others. We already know that current geography is relevant to a large number of users regardless of their willingness to relocate, so it's the best compromise we current have.

Good news, everyone!

There is a project in the works to solve this problem, headed by the same person who wrote the geography blog post. Even better, parts of it might become open source! I can't give you even the vaguest timeline estimate, but I wanted to let you know when I tag this as status-planned that it really is planned, even if you don't see immediate progress. We see this project as vital to our business, and it won't be going away or forgotten about.

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