Silver badge for good question is defined as "Question score of 25 or more" and I think bronze for nice question is 10 points or more.

I have asked quite a few questions by now many over 10 points and I just had once that got 25 points (i.e. 5 upvotes) but I just noticed that I did not receive any badges for either nice or good questions (and probably same for answers though I have not looked into that yet). Not that I am a "badge collector", but its nice to get the bonus if you have "achieved" it.

Why do I not get these badges? what am I missing here? - I had a look on Meta-SO but didn't see anything obvious like my question.

Here is an example of one question that has 5 votes: 5-vote-question. Ok in this instance it was marked as "duplicate" (even though I searched before asking it, you don't always find what you are looking for), but it still matches the 25-point criteria...


This is an (understandable) confusion between score and rep from a question.

The score of a question is its upvotes - downvotes. It is not the rep generated from it.

Therefore your linked example has a score of 5, even though it may have gained you 25 reputation (or more depending on if it also has downvotes)

  • Got it, thanks! - yes, I was confused with this :) – code_fodder Oct 7 '13 at 13:20

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