I think its still in debate Etiquette for answering your own question

Normally when I have a question and a answer, but have doubt with my own attempt, I tend to put the solution within my question. And I'll only post the question (if without a solution in my mind), and could post my solution afterwards separately as a answer to my own question (if I can found out one).

But today I met this question and been enlightened to always post them separately, is this the case? Maybe its there but I really can't find it in FAQ, and even it is, I still feel a question for suggestions of your own answer should include the solution in the question.


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If you have a problem that needs solving, you need to indicate that you've attempted in some way to solve it yourself. Such an attempt goes in the question: this is what you've tried. This is standard fare.

If the purpose of a question is to showcase a solution to a problem that actually works1 and answers the question fully, as opposed to an attempt at a solution that does not work, then the solution should be posted as an answer instead of being embedded in the question. This has never been debated.

1 Of course, if the answer doesn't actually solve the problem or is otherwise incorrect, it's liable to downvotes just as with any other incorrect or bad answer.


If you have an answer to your own question you should post it as an answer, not as a part of the question.

Questions belong in questions; answers belong in answers.

If others feel that your answer isn't a good one, that it doesn't work, or uses bad practices or otherwise should be used, they can use voting to reflect on that, and/or post competing answers to answer the question more effectively. You using your own solution need not inhibit someone else from posting a solution that answers the question that is entirely unrelated to your answer.

If you're just looking to have your solution/answer reviewed, and aren't so much interested in someone else posting an entirely unrelated solution to your problem, you can post on Code Review instead.

  • Very clear, PS:thank you for the cute panda :)
    – Bolu
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  • The link should point to codereview.stackexchange.com, there is a missing "e" in your link.
    – Marc-Andre
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  • @Marc-Andre Fixed, thanks, although note that you could just suggest an edit to fix an obvious typo like that as well.
    – Servy
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  • @Servy I would if I had the edit privilege, but right now I won't dummy 6 characters edit when only one is needed.
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  • @Marc-Andre Editing that one character is determine by the diff formula as an edit to the whole word, and as such it's technically a 10 character edit. Just look at the highlighting in the revision history.
    – Servy
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