I frequently come across a really useful answer on StackOverflow which has been closed because it doesn't match the Q&A format.

Examples include JPA Implementations - Which one is the best to use?, How to read a large text file line by line using Java?, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1080499/are-weekly-status-meetings-necessary , What's Up with Logging in Java? and there are others.

Where should this information be exchanged if it's not on stackoverflow?

It seems the moderators are often somewhat overzealous...


When I say best, I mean they are informative and useful for someone who's looking for an answer to them. Even if they do become a bit of a discussion, I value other people's opinions on the relative merits of the different JPA frameworks. I come here looking to choose one and the answer helps me. So what if it's not a definitive answer?


I don't care how popular a question is, nor how interesting it is. Users are interested in stuff that's useful to them. Plenty of those were useful (as judged by the upvotes on the answers: 'This answer is useful'), but closed because they didn't have a definitive answer, as far as I can tell.


Seems I'm not the first person to think this: there are various similar questions to mine like this one: Is there a problem with Stack Overflow when extremely useful, massively upvoted/favorited questions get closed?

In it the user lists lots of other useful questions which have been closed:

So isn't there a place on stackoverflow for these questions? A discussion section, maybe?


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