After helping out a bit with this question, I couldn't help but notice that when listing users on chat.stackexchange, the reputation is the total reputation across all sites when last computed, but the badges appear to only be the badges on the parent site.

Using Jon Skeet's as an example:

enter image description here

he has 687k across all sites (not just Stack Overflow...at least, not yet), but the 222 gold badges and 3626 silver badges refer to his totals on Stack Overflow only. By my count, he has 25 golds and 185 silver badges across the other sites, so it should show 247 and 3811, respectively.

Is it possible to also make badge counts cumulative (like on flairs)?

  • A while ago this wasn't practical, but the way chat gets this information these days might make this easier. – Tim Stone Oct 12 '13 at 19:17
  • Hmm, that makes sense. – Dennis Meng Oct 12 '13 at 19:18
  • (Also, things get confusing if you actually look on profiles; not only is the reputation/badge tallying the same; the placement makes it look like both are supposed to be parent site only. Here's mine as an example.) – Dennis Meng Oct 12 '13 at 19:19
  • Well, it's been about a year, and I guess Jon proved me right; he appears to be north of 700k now. – Dennis Meng Oct 9 '14 at 18:11

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