We have a tab to see all unanswered questions. Is there a way to query all answered questions for a particular tag? I would like this for reading and learning purposes.

Reading answered questions provides a lot of knowledge as it starts from a problem, has all the possible solutions and a best solution as well.

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You can use the advanced search to find answered questions.

For example, to find questions with at least one answer with the tag , search for:

[c#] answers:1

To find questions with an accepted answer, search for:

[c#] hasaccepted:yes

Your best bet is to click on a tag. It will give you the highest-voted questions in that tag, in descending order. Most of these are already answered.

If you want to filter out the questions without answers, do a search for the tag, and add answers:1 to it, like this:

[c#] answers:1

If you don't get the Votes tab by default, just click on it.


You can go to the search page and use answers:1+ [TagGoesHere] to get answered questions for a tag.

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