I have some dilemma asking questions about . There was a significant technology shift in version 1.7 - changing require syntax (switching to AMD) and remodularization. The code from old version won't work in new version without rewrite.

Specifying dojo version in question text is a good practice, however I'd like to use this in tags. There's a tag , but I'm using the version 1.9. However, tagging it as doesn't make sense, because I'm not using anything specific for version 1.9.

How should I tag questions about Dojo, to signal I'm using version >=1.7 (with AMD)? Using with tag ? Maybe creating ? Creating new tag would make more sense, if accompanied with retagging of existing questions.

I just want the tags to be more 'speaking', such as in case of and . Unfortunatelly, dojo hasn't change major version when doing major technological switch, making it harder to deal with tagging questions.

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