After asking this question:

I went to update some of the title of questions that I'd previously put smart quotes into. I now realize that there's an even more significant problem. If some string is quoted in the title at all, it can't be searched for except by using the smart quotes in the search interface. Into the title of this question (I don't want it to appear in the body) I've put a quoted string, but when I typed it, I used normal dumb quotes; I didn't use smart quotes.

Now when I search for this quoted text, I get no results for simply quoting the text, I get no results, nor do I get any results if I add the smart quotes to the query:

This means that if users try to post questions that include specific error messages as they're instructed to do, and they happen to quote them, we can't search for them. If they appear in the body of the question, we might be able to, except that often times error messages are put into in code blocks that aren't searched.

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