In my opinion, memcpy() vs memmove() and What is the difference between memmove and memcpy? both cover the exact the same question. Normally I'd flag one of these as duplicate of the other.

However, in this case, both questions did get answers that a very comparable in quality, the question is clear in both questions, so I really cannot decide which one to flag. So the question appeared: should I be flagging one of these questions?

Can two identical questions coexist without being marked as duplicate?

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    Questions that are identical should be marked as duplicates. If both have good quality answers, ask for merge. If you can't decide basing on quality, use age to decide. I can imagine different, non-duplicate questions that happen to be solved by similar means - then they don't need to be duplicates - but that's not the case here. – Mołot Oct 25 '13 at 9:58

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