Currently burninated (non-blacklisted) tags can just come back (do they?).

I personally don't think most 1500 reputation users have enough experience on the site to know when to recreate tags we've previously decided should be burninated.

I suggest we implement some functionality to allow high-reputation users to vote to semi-blacklist a tag (let's call it to put it "on hold") and to vote to reactivate it (approved on +5 score for each?, declined on -5?). Perhaps we can have a separate list for declined ones, so they can get voted on if there is disagreement.

Let's say 'high-reputation' is 20k+ reputation (or 10k+?).

A screen similar to tag synonyms seems like a good idea:

The difference between 'gone' and 'on hold' (I think) is an important one - when 'on hold', there are still questions with the tag (can serve as an indicator of questions that need cleaning up), 'gone' means the tag is ... gone.

A tag being put on hold doesn't remove it from all the questions containing the tag. Once a tag is on hold, it simply can't be added to questions.

And perhaps when a high-reputation user tries to reactivate a semi-blacklisted tag, a message will be displayed.

The [homework-lol] tag is currently on hold. If you feel this tag should be reactivated, please vote to do so on the tag blacklist page

(possibly not the best link, as is currently a tag).

I also think preventing a tag from being added to new questions will be great for these tags with a large amount of questions that needs to be burninated (and just in general) - new questions with the tag keep coming, thus that makes it so much more work to get rid of it.

If it's not a good idea to put this power in the community's hands (i.e. probably the same reason only the dev team can currently blacklist tags), can someone explain why?

Perhaps the devs / mods can just get involved if a tag keeps getting put on hold and reactivated.

Perhaps we should also add a link to it on the review page for visibility (or somewhere else?).

This should get rid of most burninate and blacklist requests on Meta.

This is similar to this question (and I'm sure some others), but this request is a lot more specific.



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