Audit in question is this: https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/3217410

I disagree with the audit although there are five upvotes, no flags, and no close votes.

Even though the asker demonstrated a minimum understanding of the problem, all I get from the question is that he/she knows about htaccess. There is no attempted solution or anything else in the question that demonstrates the asker researched how to use htaccess on Apache, or any other methods to solve the problem.

I know that this question isn't horribly bad (which makes it a bad candidate for review audits), but in my opinion I still would have voted to close and probably left a comment on the question on how to improve it.

Another thing is that initially I was banned for 7 days, but now I see that the ban lasts until Nov 27, an entire month. How did this happen?



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