Vote counts with exactly three digits don't display properly on the Stack Exchange Android app

As the title says...

Worse Than Failure

The Android app version is 0.1.58.

Here is my experimental results:

  • Vote counts >= 200 that I've tried seems to be fine
  • Vote count == 241 has problem, 242 doesn't
  • Vote counts which matches /^1[012345689][0-9]$/ seems to be having problem (may be overgeneralized)
  • Vote count == -36 definitely has problem

Note that this is not a tablet, but a 4-inch mdpi phone, of 480x854px.


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Thanks for the report.

This has been fixed for version 0.1.60 coming out later tonight, I checked it against your very helpful use cases and some other ones I thought of after I saw what the root cause was.


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