I already flagged this post as low quality and also when I reviewed the same post in First post Review queue, I'm Done button is disabled, Instead No Action Needed Button is enabled, Is this normal ? finally I clicked the Skip button.

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"No action needed" is enabled until you have made an action within the queue

This is an unusual situation where you have already taken all the action you wish to on a question before seeing it in the queue. In this case "skip" is the appropriate action to take as "no action needed" signals to the system that the post is fine (which you clearly do not think) and may lead to the question leaving the queue.

Arguably it would be good to have the post simply not shown to you at all, however, this comes up rarely and pressing "skip" is equivalent.

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    actually, that's not what I'm seeing (doing reviewing off and on the late answer queue) - after having acted on a post, then seeing it in the queue, the done is enable always, occasionally the no-action as well – kleopatra Nov 14 '13 at 12:56

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