I was browsing Meta on my phone and noticed that one of my deleted posts (link is 10k only) had some new comments:

mobile-site show 5 more comments

I tried to click to display the comments but nothing happened. This was repro'd on Android 4.2.2 (Chrome 31) and on mobile IE 10. I figured it might be a browser issue, and so I switched to my desktop machine. There, I saw a different message:

desktop-site comments disabled on deleted locked posts

So which is correct, the mobile site or the desktop site? My guess is the latter. By the way, both sites display six existing comments.

Slightly related: “show N more comments” cannot be clicked on mobile browser (when not logged in)

The difference here is that I am logged in. (But then again it could just be that there are not actually any more comments to display.)

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