I'm interested in answering a question. But my answer still isn't ready. I added the question to my favourites. I also got some messages (mostly answers to my comments? ...I'm not sure...) However, I visit the question day by day as to check for new answers, edits, or comments, but I am still not sure if I missed some important update...

Now I wonder if there might be a built-in function, that displays the activity or history for a question?

After some further research...

...I found that there is the timeline function. But I could not find a direct link to it on the SO question, whereas a little "URL hacking" made it accessible to me. Is there an easier way to access it?


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This way my way to get it to work on Firefox.

Big thanks to

  • Ooi Keng Siang for Easy Way To Add User Script in Firefox
  • Anthony Lieuallen, Aaron Boodman, Johan Sundström (et al.) for Greasemonkey
  • Rebecca Chernoff, Yi Jiang, and Tim Stone for SE Modifications
  • Even if my problem is solved now, I'll be happy to accept better answers than mine :)
    – Wolf
    Nov 23, 2013 at 15:16

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