Is it just me, or does the comment input field no longer automatically gain focus when I hit "add comment"? I never realised I used it, but now that it's gone it's really annoying me!

Firefox 25.0.1 on Windows XP SP3

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    I typed out a long comment response, but didn't notice the comment box was not focused, so I gave up and just posted this, instead ;) – Andrew Barber Nov 25 '13 at 17:42
  • Same version but on linux 64bits, and also have to clic before typing comment. I didn't know if it was or was not the case before. – user2987828 Nov 25 '13 at 20:18
  • Yay, fixed! :-) – Lightness Races in Orbit Nov 26 '13 at 10:09

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