Single Stack search:

We can already search our favorites within a single Stack Exchange site by using infavorites:mine <insert-search-terms-here>, which uses elasticsearch behind the scenes.

Feature Request

The single-site infavorites:mine search is really useful. I hope for an enhancement to our current capabilities. I have favorites spread across at least 20 different Stack Exchange sites. Some of those sites have technology overlaps... as an example, I could find answers to bash shell or TCP questions on at least five different Stack Exchange sites. Often I know I favorited a question somewhere, but I can't remember which site I favorited it.

Please enable search across all my Stack Exchange favorites by using infavorites:mine <insert-search-terms-here> from the Stack Exchange search box. In other words, this query should return a search of all my favorites across all Stack Exchange sites:

I realize this may require a change from Google search to elasticsearch; I hope this request is possible.

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