In the review queue, I see posts flagged as link-only answer and I can recommend deletion with that reason.

But normally, I can't find the option to flag something as link-only answer. There's only 'not an answer' and ' very low quality' reason. How should I flag something, that it could be deleted as link-only answer through the review queue?

How the answers land in the queue in which they can be deleted as link-only?

This and this are somewhat related, but not duplicate posts. These are discussions about making separate flag for link-only answers, but they do not explain how the answers land in the queue in which they can be deleted as link-only.


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There are currently only two methods for a post to end up in the Low Quality Posts queue:

  1. Each post is given a "quality score" upon its creation, as well as when it's edited and some other factors, which is basically just a number that attempts to assess the quality of the post. If the number is below a certain threshold, the system automatically flags it as low quality and pushes it into review.

  2. A user can flag a post as "very low quality" and it will eventually be pushed into the review queue if it is not handled by a moderator first.

The options you can select when recommending deletion are not flags - they're comments meant to help a user understand why their post is of low quality, and how they can improve it. So you can't directly flag something as a "link-only answer" as that's not really a good flag. Shog explains that very well.

  • post score seem to also matter somehow. Eg per my observations, voting down can push it into queue
    – gnat
    Commented Nov 30, 2013 at 19:31

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