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The number of open close votes just reached over 100k and I've never seen it go down before. I tried a number of those, but a lot are about subjects I don't understand (for me that would eg be python, or .net). I cant rate those properly because most of the time I cant really understand what it is about.

My idea would be to make with the same principle as Stack Overflow has with the [Questions] tab, the subjects with preferred tags get displayed. Those same tags could be used for close-reviewing, because I would actually be able to review them which makes it a lot more interesting than keep clicking skip.

Any thoughts about his?

(ps, first post on meta, not sure whether I did this correct)

edit: This account only has 1 point at the moment, my Stack Overflow account is more active.

Edit after a comment:
I've just noticed the filter. While this does about the same as I was thinking about, this is a passive method. My suggestion would be automatically filter on preferred tags

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