I will very often trawl Super User for questions that are really for Web Apps. Virtually any of Google's services are fair game for migration (assuming they're decent questions), so I do a wildcard search for tags:


This works fine. However, Google Chrome is a browser and, as such, is perfectly on-topic at Super User (and off-topic at Web Apps). Therefore, I'd like to find all of the questions tagged with some variation of google except google-chrome.

[google*] -[google-chrome]

Does not work.

Is there a way to do what I want? Or do I have to resign myself to cluttering up my "favorite" tags with a couple dozen [google-*] tags? (Which I don't really want, as I also use Super User as an asker and answerer of questions.)

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Just search [google*] and hit enter. Then you can delete [google-chrome] from that string the software puts into the search box.

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    That'll work in theory. However, the resulting string in the search box is too long. (339 characters with a max of 240.) So, useful in general, but not useful in my specific case.
    – ale
    Commented Dec 14, 2013 at 21:48

Try ( [google*] ) -[google-chrome] - mind the parentheses and opening space! The parentheses corral the wildcard's expansion, and once that expression is done, any questions with are removed. For extra fun, the exclusion can also be a wildcard: ( [google*] ) ( -[*google-chrome*] ) (parentheses optional)

Unlike a vanilla tag search, this will return both questions and answers. If that's undesired behavior simply slap an is:q on the end.

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