I will very often trawl Super User for questions that are really for Web Apps. Virtually any of Google's services are fair game for migration (assuming they're decent questions), so I do a wildcard search for tags:


This works fine. However, Google Chrome is a browser and, as such, is perfectly on-topic at Super User (and off-topic at Web Apps). Therefore, I'd like to find all of the questions tagged with some variation of google except google-chrome.

[google*] -[google-chrome]

Does not work.

Is there a way to do what I want? Or do I have to resign myself to cluttering up my "favorite" tags with a couple dozen [google-*] tags? (Which I don't really want, as I also use Super User as an asker and answerer of questions.)


Just search [google*] and hit enter. Then you can delete [google-chrome] from that string the software puts into the search box.

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    That'll work in theory. However, the resulting string in the search box is too long. (339 characters with a max of 240.) So, useful in general, but not useful in my specific case. – ale Dec 14 '13 at 21:48

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