While browsing the network leaderboard, I noticed this:

It was not this bug resurfacing as it's the opposite: more hats than the count.

I went ahead to the user profile, and he indeed got only one single Old Hat.

There is no trace for L'chaim and it must come from somewhere so my first assumption was that the user posted on December 5 and during winterbash that post was deleted. But this means hats are now revoked, which won't be very popular.

So, what does the hanukiah doing there and what happened to it?


While searching for the user to see if it maybe sorted itself out while I was typing I found this even weirder case: (and komorra is now gone)

For those looking to reproduce, just browse the pages starting at page 960 or so.

Note: this happens only for the Network Wide leaderboard, per-site leaderboards look fine.


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Both data points are sort of correct, but the number is "more correct". On sites that are hatless by default, you don't count as owning a hat until you have opted in. komorra, for example, will receive the L'chaim on Stack Overflow as soon as he or she opts in (a.k.a. "I like hats"). The network-wide leaderboard was counting and ordering correctly by ignoring those not-yet-earned hats, but incorrectly displayed them next to the user.

Fixed now, thanks.


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