(My English can be strange.. If you understand me, thank you)

I have a account which is made by google-account, "ikh"

For a variety of reasons, I had to login through smartphone. so I clicked "login with google".. but I logined with gmail account!

I log out google account and try to login again, but SAME!

When I make "ikh" account, I have google account, but I don't have gmail account.

When I try to login through smartphone, I have both google and gmail account.

Does GMail account "eat" google account? If so, Why my "ikh" account cannot be logined?

(As you know, I login on meta-stackoverflow as "user3020529", not "ikh". I cannot login as "ikh" except my desktop's chrome browser, where I logined as "ikh" first.)

Add: It is possible to merge these accounts?

  • Same with me (using google GMAIL account) but without any smartphones. I can continue using my SO account from the tab where I am already logged in to SO but I cannot login in a new tab of the same browser or in different browser. Also I cannot post in MSO from the already existing account – Gennady Vanin Геннадий Ванин Jan 11 '14 at 22:43

Please contact us directly to discuss this, we're going to need to ask you for information that you probably don't want to post publicly.

If you end up accidentally creating a new account during the login process, send us the following information:

  • Email address(es) you used when signing up
  • Links to your profile(s) if known

If unsure of the email, send us a list of possibilities. I'm pretty sure I found you, and yes, I can merge, but you'll need to contact us privately to get that to happen because we'll need to verify some things.

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