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Do you stop earning reputation points for editing at a certain point? Today I finally made it to 2000 points on StackOverflow, enough to review suggested edits. Shortly afterwards, I edited a post, which was approved, but didn't receive the usual 2 points.

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Do you stop earning reputation points for editing at a certain point?

That's correct. When you reach 2000 reputation, your edits no longer require approval by other users, so you no longer earn rep for edits.

  • But you are still helping out the community. So why not earn rep? – Liam Healy Sep 13 '17 at 23:04

Congratulations, you have gained the edit privilege. This privilege allows your edits to go straight through to active without hitting the review queue. However, this also means that you don't get any more rep from doing edits to posts. Edits to tag wikis still give reputation.

See also: How do suggested edits work?

Once you have earned the edit privilege, your edits are no longer peer reviewed and no reputation is given for edits.

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